Referral Marketing Tips and Guidelines

I'll now share with you some "big picture" concepts that will help you be a successful partner.

Don't Be "That Guy"

We all know "that guy" who is involved with some sort of affiliate scheme, and is constantly trying to sell you the product. It gets in the way of having a real relationship because the person is so focused on getting you to buy something.

Don't be that guy. It's bad for you, and it's bad for the Dojo too.

When partnering with us, you should actually believe what the Dojo offers is good for your contact.

Bring up the Dojo periodically. Try to persuade a person to get involved, but not too aggressively and not too often. If the Dojo isn't for them, being pushy is going to hurt the situation, not help it.

Use Your Own Voice

To help you promote Dojo U services, we'll provide you with materials you're welcome to use to craft your message.

But, copying and pasting our sales message isn't going to work with your people. You have a unique voice, and the reason we're paying you to refer sales for us is that your unique voice is how you've gained your unique set of followers.

Use the information and materials at your disposal to deliver a message to your followers in a way that's consistent with what they expect from you.

Here are some examples:

  • If you have a rough-and-tumble group of firefighters in your group, make sure you pitch Dojo U to them in a rough-and-tumble way!
  • If you have a podcast, don't just read off a piece of paper - perform why Dojo U is good for your audience.
  • If you're a bagpipe teacher, explain how Dojo U will supplement and augment what you've been teaching your student.
  • If you're a retailer, explain that Dojo U is the perfect way to learn the basics on the new practice chanter you just bought, or the perfect way to learn how to play your new set of bagpipes the right way.

Try to focus on benefits, not features.

The Dojo U product has a lot of cool features and components. I won't list them to you here.

But people don't actually care THAT much about features. What people want to know is how it will benefit them.

Before pitching a certain feature of Dojo U that you love, ask yourself two degrees of "why do I care?"


Dojo U Has Live Classes. Why do I care? Because you can receive great feedback on your playing from the comfort of home. Why do I care about THAT? Because the nearest good instruction from us is 100 miles away, way more expensive, and the teaching isn't world-class, this is.

See how I asked "why do I care" two times to get to the true benefit associated with the feature I like?

Do this exercise with all features of a product you like, learn the true benefits that will resonate with your followers, and from there you'll find converting followers much easier!






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