The Nitty Gritty - Partner Program Mechanics

Dojo U partners with you by giving you a percentage of sales you refer. Example:

  1. You refer a student to become a premium member for $45/month.
  2. You earn 33% on sales.
  3. Therefore, you'll earn $15/month on that referral.

The beauty of this system is in its simplicity. All you have to do to refer someone to Dojo U is provide them with your personalized link to our services (in accordance with some basic guidelines). Personalized links look something like this: 

Note: the above is just an illustration and is NOT your actual tracking link so don't use it!

Personalized links add your own partner details to the link, so any future sales (in the next 90 days) will be attributed to you!

How does this work? Enter the magic of cookies.

Cookies Are Good, Not Bad.

Now before you get all freaked out about internet cookies, I want you to realize that cookies are used by basically every website on earth to store basic data about you locally so websites can deliver a better experience.

Examples of sites that use cookies:

  • Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, (all social media sites).
  • Amazon! (Of course!)
  • Home-Depot, Adobe, Grocery Stores, Etc.
  • All of your banking stores cookies about you.
  • The IRS, and all government sites.

Don't believe me? Google "how do I see all cookies stored in my browser" and research this for yourself!

Some people are "worried" about cookies so they turn them off. But it's exceedingly rare. Why is it rare? Because Cookies enhance our user experience, making the internet an efficient place to hang out.


  • Save your log in information so you don't need to type everything in all the time.
  • Show you products you're interested in based on what you've previously viewed.
  • And, in our case, a cookie will store WHO originally sent a person to our site (you!).

How a Sale Tracks the Referral Partner.

So, once the cookie saying you sent the customer originally to our site is stored, the rest is quite simple.

  1. Customer loads a product into their cart and presses "purchase"
  2. When "purchase" is clicked, one of the things the computer checks for is whether or not there's a referral-partner-cookie stored for this person.
  3. If it is stored, the sale is "attributed" to you, and our database will receive the order with you listed as the referral partner.
  4. Your ledger gets updated with the money you earned from the sale.

How You Get Paid

The way we pay out commissions is simple:

  • We pay out in the last week of each month.
  • We pay any partners with a balance of $100 or more.
  • We send money to your PayPal account on file.

Note: Because we have many partners, PayPal is the only method through which we pay out commissions. No checks, cash, wire transfers, or other methods will be used. You are responsible for PayPal transaction fees.

If You Need Help...

Sometimes a friend signs up but you didn't get credit. Or, maybe you just got a bit lost with all these unique links and so on. If so, don't worry! Just email us and we'll help you out.