Based on this, have conversations with key people ensuring all are on board.

Next up - let's schedule a meeting with all of the people who will be involved in the Beginner Factory.

Here's who to invite:

  • If you're not the main decision maker in your band, make sure he/she is present.
  • Who is going to be your "Head Instructor" for the program (both piping and drumming)? If it's not you, make sure they're there. Note: the best Head Instructor isn't always the best player, or even the best teacher - the best fit is usually the smiliest, most enthusiastic, "people" person.
  • Your organization's "treasurer" or "money person."
  • Your social media person!
  • Anyone else that will be essential in the operation of the program.

During your meeting, you'll want to present on all the elements of your "sketch" from the previous step. You want to teach them the Why, who, what, where, when, and how of the Beginner Factory.

Also, brief them on the specifics of the Dojo Partner Program - the band will raise money by constructing a Beginner Factory.

Iron out the details during the meeting, and ensure you're "go for launch" by the end of it.