Communicate with your band about the program

We're about ready to launch. It's time to mobilize your most effective marketing channel - your current band members.

  1. Schedule time during the next practice to announce your program and to (ceremonially) ask for feedback from your members.
  2. At this meeting, explain in detail how the "Beginner Factory" is going to work.
  3. Give physical marketing to material to those who want to help out spreading the word.
  4. Follow up with an explanation in writing (sent via email or your band's communication app or platform) – here's an example Camille's band used, with generic examples for you to insert your band's details:

Hi everyone

We're updating our approach to teaching new starters in the band. The info below gives you an overview of our new process so you can give any interested learners you come across the right details about how we teach. 

If you’re comfortable doing so, it would be helpful if you could mention the new program to any friends, family or colleagues who might be interested! Please direct any enquiries straight to [our secretary] via [email address].

We’ve partnered with Dojo University, an online bagpiping and drumming school, to teach new learners that want to learn to play. This approach allows our tutors to spend their time more valuably, and will give learners a better experience for the same weekly tuition cost. It also provides a financial benefit to the band. 

Here's the new process in a nutshell:

1. Learners will get a couple of 'try before you buy' lessons in person with one of our tutors.

2. They'll then sign up for Dojo University and work their way through the Dojo beginner tutor for their relevant instrument. They get a 7-day free-trial period to decide if they want to continue with it, then membership costs $30/month – the band has an affiliate link that pays us back a third of their monthly tuition fee (roughly $10 per month per learner). 

3. Our tutors will hold regular in-person check-ins with learners as they progress, and keep in touch with them outside of these sessions as well. 

4. Once they've completed the introductory Dojo courses, learners will then have more frequent in-person tuition to learn our sets and transition to playing with the band. 

Any current players who are interested in joining Dojo U are also welcome to use our band affiliate links (see below) – if you click on these links to sign up, a third of your membership fee comes back to the band as income, so it’s a win–win!

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me to discuss. 


[Your Name]

Dojo University: Information and Links

Dojo U is a supportive and dedicated online bagpipe school run by world-champion pipers and drummers, whose 50+ courses are entirely online and self-paced, and they have more than 20 live classes on Zoom each week. 

Here are some links to more information if you're interested:

• Dojo U overview and faculty bios:

• Dojo U membership information:

USE THESE LINKS TO SIGN UP (if you use these, the band will get a third of your subscription fee paid back to us each month): 

• Piping: Basic membership: USD$30/month with a week free trial: [add your partner link here]

• Piping: Premium membership: USD$45/month with a month free trial (yep, a month free, not a week): [add your partner link here]

• Snare Drumming: USD$30/month – use code tryfree7 to get a free week trial: [add your partner link here]

PLAYING MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: There's no obligation for you to sign up - these links are provided for your information if you would like to pursue this for your own personal musical improvement. 

Conduct a similar meeting every few practices just to touch base and collect feedback on how things are going.

With that, it's time to launch this thing!