Don't stop now – this is a lifelong journey!

It's common for learners to think that they've 'made it' when they first join the band - that they can stop learning now because they're a piper or drummer.

But as we know, everyone is always a learner, and this is a wonderful, lifelong musical journey. 

Encourage them to continue developing their playing - Dojo's Bagpipe / Drumming Freedom program is the logical next step for any newly transitioned player.

Plus, as long as they're a member, you'll continue to receive 33% of their payment as commission every month.

Later in this course, we'll provide some suggested wording to send out to your learners when they get to this stage – or to your existing players, to encourage them to join as well!


Action Steps

No need to take any action yet!

In the next section we'll give you specific action steps to perform to launch your Beginner Factory!