Get your house in order

Getting the basics right is the prerequisite to the success or failure of your program. To make sure your “house is in order”, make sure you can answer the following questions:

  • Have you got somewhere online that people can find you, and that you can add to business cards, flyers, or postcards so people can contact you? This could be a website, Facebook page, or just a phone number or email address – whatever you choose, make sure it’s up to date and connected, and that whoever has access to it is able to answer any enquiries in a reasonable amount of time (ideally within a day, but no more than a week, or you risk your interested learners losing interest!)
  • Have you communicated your plan to your band’s committee and tutors? It’s important everyone involved has a clear idea of the process and who is responsible for the different parts, so steps don’t get missed and you don’t lose prospective learners in the cracks of misunderstandings about the process. 
  • Have you “tested” your plan on the band’s immediate community – putting a callout to friends, family and other supporters? We'll cover this more in the next step of the course...


Action Steps

No need to take any action yet! Keep reading/listening through these discussion points, and later we'll give you specific action steps to perform to launch your Beginner Factory.

For now, just click "next"!