Offer in-person support

Although the idea of the program is to take the yoke of teaching time off your shoulders, your learners will still have questions that could benefit from an in-person instructor. 

Set up less regular check in nights, or offer ad-hoc help as needed to catch up and check in on progress. 

Have periodic group lessons or "jam sessions" that you schedule ahead of time, and try as much as you can to make them fun.

Stay in touch with your tutors about how you'll do this so everyone is on the same page, and you have plenty of support to delegate some of these sessions around and share the load among your experienced band members. If you’re time poor, and have enough competent players to help, perhaps appoint a head tutor and give them responsibility for leading the charge on this regular check in and content (in person and online). This can be a great way to give an experienced player a chance for ownership of a project, and to develop leadership skills and feel more connected to the band. 

Perhaps even get your drummers to run a rhythm session for your newbies!


Action Steps

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