Set up a communications system/app/platform

I'm assuming your band already has a system in place to stay in touch with your members.

Whether that's as simple as a list of members you text or call to check in about practice and event times, or a fully fledged communications system on a website intranet or fit-for-purpose app like BAND, now is a good time to plan out how your learners will fit into that system.

When they sign up, you're going to want to clearly communicate how you will be staying in touch with them. Will you be adding them to a learner group that you'll check in with (and where they can chat to each other, too)? Will you be dealing with each of them 1 on 1 via text message?

Whatever system you choose, make sure you, your teaching team, and your learners all have a clear understanding of how you'll be communicating with each other, so you can stay in touch after you launch your Beginner Factory.