Setting the joining goalpost

Once learners have progressed to a certain stage of the Dojo University materials (the goalpost is up to you – we suggest starting to transition them onto a set of bagpipes or a drum after they’ve finished Chapter 2 of the Beginner’s Tutor) it’s then time to work with them to meet your expectations to transition to joining the band. 

Ultimately it's up to you what goal they need to hit to join the band.

Do they need six tunes memorized, with embellishments all in?

Do they need to know two of your parade sets and how to start and stop?

Do they just need to be able to hold a set of bagpipes and look the part?

No matter what you decide, start setting the expectation to get them excited about progressing.

TIP: Be very clear about your expectations for what they will need to do to join the band. Having a clear goal from the outset is a great motivator, and will avoid any feelings of ‘unfairness’ that could arise if they don’t know what you want them to do in order to join the band.

Remember, for a learner, getting to play in a parade or performance for the first time is an extremely exciting thing! 


Action Steps

No need to take any action yet! Keep reading/listening through these discussion points, and later we'll give you specific action steps to perform to launch your Beginner Factory.

For now, just click "next"!