So, what if you didn't have to teach (or could teach far less)?

We noticed a while ago that some of our members who run bands had this issue in common. And we realized that we had the opportunity to solve this problem in a mutually beneficial way.

Because you may be pressed for time and eager to build your player pipeline, but you also have a valuable commodity - on-the-ground leads for new players.

And we have a proven, self-paced beginner's program for pipers and drummers, run by world class musicians, with live support on every timezone. But we always want new members, so we can keep building a bigger, better pipe band community.

So we set up the Dojo U Partner Program - a partnership between our online piping school and bands around the world. 

We supply the teaching resources, courses, training and support to teach beginners great fundamentals; all you need to do is bring prospects to the table, and offer them mentorship and guidance as we take care of the actual teaching part of their progress.

And best of all - for every member of yours that purchases a Dojo product or membership, we give back 33% commission, directly to you.