Step 2: Recruit

Once you're set up and ready to recruit some beginners, the next hurdle is finding them.

We’ll step you through some simple ways to “get your house in order” by making sure people can find you easily, show you the ‘easy wins’ for recruiting new players, and guide you through how to train and promote your band to attract beginners. 

We’ll also step you through how to convert eager beginners’ from a lead to a student, by communicating clearly, responding quickly, nurturing them through any initial questions they have, and helping them with any technical difficulties getting set up in your system. 

We have some plug and play email templates that you can simply copy and paste to send to your leads when you’re ready. 

Later in the course, we'll offer free templates that are easy to use and can help you get started - for websites, social media, and printed business cards and more.


Action Steps

No need to take any action yet! Keep reading/listening through these discussion points, and later we'll give you specific action steps to perform to launch your Beginner Factory.

For now, just click "next"!