Converting band members into leads

Remember, like we mentioned in the last step, your unique partner links aren't just for beginners. If any of your band members want to work on improving their piping or drumming, they can sign up to Dojo University too - we have courses and classes for every level of player. 

I’m willing to bet you’ve encountered these frustrating but all-too-common issues in bands you’ve played with before:

  • Differing levels of motivation, commitment, and expectations of what’s required of each player
  • Tension between more and less skilled players
  • Players who don’t know the music, make constant mistakes, and just won’t practice outside of rehearsals each week
  • Players who don’t know how to maintain or tunes their own instrument
  • A few “good” players who end up doing 90% of the organizational, music-setting and coaching work
  • Difficulty recruiting new players or being able to teach beginners
  • Difficulty making money for your band to pay for uniforms and equipment
  • And many more…
  • They’re common issues that most bands around the world deal with. And it takes enormous amounts of energy for a band’s leaders to just try to make it through another year and maintain enough players to survive, let alone to improve musically or achieve any competition or other goals. 

And we know that while a lot of these are blamed on a band’s culture and leadership, a lot of them actually come down to a fundamental lack of solid piping education for the majority of players around the world. 

Build a motivated, knowledgeable corps of great musicians

Get all of your players - pipers and drummers - speaking the same language. If you get them to pay yearly dues, why not substitute that for a Dojo membership? We'll give back 33% of their subscription fee to your band, no strings attached – so really, they’re helping to earn the band an income while gaining a musical education.


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