Operate your program - Trial Phase

How exciting! We now have all the pieces in place to launch our Beginner Factory.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Generate a test crop - As a full band, make a list of close friends and relatives (band-wide) that might be interested in learning to play. (This will be our initial “test crop” of beginners.)
  2. Receive inquiries and respond to interested prospects with the details of the program. (You'll do this by using your email templates that we've already pre-designed). What's the process? How do you get chanter/sticks? How do you get the online materials? Who/what/where for in-person activities? It's all in the emails!
  3. Run your first learner night(s). Use your learner-night template that you've already pre-designed.
  4. Continue to nurture your learners. In addition to the email template that you send out after learner nights, use common sense communications to keep learners interested and active in your program.
  5. When the time is right, get together with your team and make adjustments. Are sessions too far apart? Too frequent? Can you simplify things at all to make it easier to continue far into the future? Do some aspects of your process require MORE detail? Etc.